BedShred Mattress Disposal and Recycling Process

The BedShred Hauler drops mattresses off at the facility.

It's been a good run for these mattresses, but it's time to shred 'em!

The foam is baled and ready to become commercial carpet padding.

The foam is loaded onto semi-trucks and shipped to carpet manufacturers to be cleaned, processed and turned into carpet pad. Now you know where carpet padding comes from. Carpet padding is also recyclable once it serves out its term underneath our feet.

This much steel should never be buried in a landfill! This steel is taken to the scrap yard and smelted down. There are millions of uses for recycled steel.

Boxspring wood is untreated and can be used in reclamation projects. Anything you can build with an old pallet can be built with boxspring wood. The wood is offered for free to the public and moves quickly.

This truck holds the compacted landfill waste leftover from EIGHT tractor-trailer loads of mattresses. Mattresses are a huge headache for landfills and the environment. This truckload represents the solution.