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February 7, 2023. Mattress Recycling Council Discusses Life Cycle Analysis

An independent life cycle analysis of the Mattress Recycling Council’s California operations found significant environmental benefit from the program including substantial reductions in greenhouse gas emissions along with water and energy usage.

The life cycle analysis found that MRC is a carbon negative operation and has other favorable environmental benefits.

This study found that recycling 1.6 million mattresses in 2021:

  • Displaced 75 million pounds greenhouse gas emissions; or the emissions reduction if there were 98 million fewer miles driven. For context, the EPA estimates that there were 340 billion miles driven in California in 2021.
  • Saved 174,000 kilowatt hours or the amount of power it would take to light a community of 17,000 for one year.
  • Saved 818 million gallons of water or the annual consumption of 7,500 households.

Charleston City Paper

October 6, 2021. Skyler Baldwin. Online mattress sales bad for landfills, good for Charleston recycling business.



February 20, 2021. . Companies dismantle mattresses, recycle, resell pieces and parts

1/10/22. CITY OF CHARLESTON WEBSITE - 426 mattresses were recycled in 2021 through drop-off events in partnership with BedShred and SCDHEC! This effort diverted 10.9 tons of material from the landfill saving nearly 15,000 cubic feet of space! The results were part of a pilot program generously funded by SCDHEC. While the City's 2021 pilot program does not have ample funding to continue, residents are encouraged to recycle mattresses via BedShred.com

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BedShred teamed up with the City of Charleston Sustainability Division, DHEC's Recycle Right SC, and the College of Charleston’s Zero Waste by 2025 to properly dispose of mattresses and mattress toppers during student move out in May 2021.  


Helping to support global reforestation. 3,866 trees were planted on behalf of BedShred during our partnership with One Tree Planted. Thank you to all that chose to "shred their bed" during the campaign. Watch the video below to learn more...




Good Business Summit - Lowcountry Local First

Liz Rennie (pictured second from right), Owner of Charleston Mattress®, discusses the BedShred.com initiative at Lowcountry Local First's Good Business Summit (February 2020). Charleston Mattress is pleased to sponsor this event in 2021, which will be held virtually on February 24 & 25. Full details can be found at: